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The affiliation is what?

You have your own site or blog that deals with vaporizer or electronic cigarette?
The affiliation allows you to earn some money when users coming from your site on ours make a purchase with us.
We offer 10% commission for each first order made by a user that you send us and had never come to our site.

How our affiliate spray works:

Place a banner or link on your website / blog.
For each first order from one of your visitors, we offer you 10% commission on the price of the order (see details below).

Thanks to our affiliation system you can follow the status of your affiliates, their orders and the commissions you will receive.

General condition of our affiliate system vaporizer :

La Centrale Vapeur, your favorite vapo shop, reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
La Centrale Vapeur also reserves the right to terminate this affiliation program at any time and without having to give any reason.
This program is reserved for people of legal age and we reserve the right to ask for proof of identity.
Any person or company already working with La Centrale Vapeur is not allowed to use this affiliate program.
When you register you will be asked to provide your website address. You will then have the right to place links and banners only on this site.
You agree to comply with the laws of your country and the protection of personal data.

You agree not to work for a competing company, otherwise damages of up to 300% of your commissions will be due

Amount of commission:

The commission due is calculated as follows:

Commission= 10% *( Order amount - cancelled or refunded order - delivery charges 7€ or 3.5€ if letter max - payment costs - discount coupons - VAT).

The commission will be paid 15 working days after receipt of the package due to the law concerning the right of return of products purchased on the internet.

Requests for payment of commission are made from 50€ of commission.

The lifetime of a cookie is 30 days.

PPC and promotion:

Our affiliates and publishers are not allowed to:

Use paid referencing (SEA).
Promote La Centrale Vapeur on social networks, forums or via email.
Promote a brand or our brand in our name. This includes variations in the spelling of the brand.

To call La Centrale Vapeur products differently and promote them.

Register La Centrale Vapeur domains, even with spelling variations.

Generate pop-ups, pop-unders, iframes, frames, or any other action that would place a cookie.

Any inappropriate or misleading advertising.

Link directly to La Centrale Vapeur from search engines.

Use La Centrale Vapeur in your URL.

Publish banners of your creation without our agreement.

Any other behaviour/action aiming at abusing this affiliate program or diverting its use.

About sites with coupons or offering deals:

It is forbidden to be referenced in Google with the search combination "La Centrale Vapeur Promo Code" or any other variant.

It is mandatory to use the code:'' in the header of the general overview page of La Centrale Vapeur offers.

It is forbidden to offer rebates, coupons, discount code or any other form of discount via your affiliate commission.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.