Accueil > About La Central Vapeur - your e-cig and vaporizer seller was created by enthusiast users of vaporizers and e-cig in 2011.

Living in Paris, and searching for shops we couldn’t find anything matching our expectations.

Facing the problems linked to the combustion of plant material. For more than 10 years we had the time to win our spurs and test many (a lot) models of vaporizer and e-cig.

This led us to discover, in 2003, the Volcano vaporizer and the vaporization of plants with a vaporizer of quality which don’t burn them.

Since this moment, our interest in this alternative consumption pattern evolved and motivated us to join the adventure and share our passion in a new way.

With our motivation and experience as a strength we decided to create in 2011.

Our headquarter is in Paris, our store is now in Paris, 74 rue Sedaine, Line 9 of Subway, Voltaire's station;)

Our goal is to offer you what we consider as drastic selection of the best vaporizers and e-cig available on the market.

Indeed, the market is over filled with inexpensive desktop vaporizers which are often of cheap quality.

But Quality = Health

Sadly, cheap vaporizer means materials not corresponding to the medical norms of the profession. For example the hose in non-medical silicon, hot air in contact with the electronic parts, glue and weld in the hot air pass.

Furthermore, some vaporizers, of quality, don’t match our expectations and we decided to not propose them (Lolite, Wispr, NobleUSA, Vapir, DaVinci, Skyda, Atmos, etc…). Most of the time because there is a defect in the conception which don’t provide a top vape experience.


Because for the same price there are better products on the market and because we want to be sure that we only offer you the best vaporizers and e-cigs:

Arizer, Magic-Flight, Störz&Bickel, VaporBrothers, VaporBlunt, Joyetech, Vision, Kangertech, Herborizer, Solwe, Inhalater, FlashVape etc…

About our e-liquids, we also seek to offer you only the top range quality.

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