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  • Cartridge 95% H4CBD Gelato (0.5mL)

    This single-use cartridge of Tengrams Gelato flavor contains 95% H4CBD and 5% terpenes for a very intense, almost immediate relaxing effect. Gelato is a cannabis variety famous for its sweet, fruity flavours, often associated with a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Its complex profile makes it a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs in search of a...

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  • CBD Booster Greeneo 1000 mg

    A neutral base enriched with CBD, available in a 10 ml bottle with 1000 mg CBD. Designed to be diluted in all types of e-liquids to add relaxation and well-being to the pleasure of vaping.

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  • Calm+ 50 mL

    Want to quit smoking? French e-liquid designer The FUU has just released a range combining nicotine and CBD to help you through the process, alleviating the stress it can sometimes cause. Calm+ by MiNiMAL is the ideal formula to help you quit smoking without the stress. Nicotine booster to be purchased separately.

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  • 2 vials Calm + Nicotine and CBD 10 mL

    Calm + by MiNiMAL sold by 2 vials of 10 mL. The system that combines Nicotine + CBD to stop smoking... without stress CBD (Cannabidiol) is a molecule extracted from the cannabis plant.It has recognized de-stressing and soothing properties.The perfect anti-stress "boost", for easier withdrawal! Our CBD e-liquids contain no THC (cannabis' psychotropic...

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