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  • New Peak

    Vaporizing concentrates has never been easier thanks to Puffco presents the updated version of its world-renowned Peak vaporizer. With a single button to control everything, a new 3D chamber, 4 heating profiles and real-time temperature management, the New Peak is more intuitive and ergonomic than ever.

    183,33 €
  • Zenco Duo

    The Zenco Duo is a vaporizer dedicated to concentrates offering a particularly simple and enjoyable vaping experience, with its modern design, ease of use and customization options. Its operation brings it particularly close to the Dab Cup from Katalyzer. Flower vaporization is also possible, but less accomplished: make sure you have flowers with a...

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  • Nectar Collector 18 mm titanium tip

    This nectar collector / dab straw features a detachable titanium mouthpiece for vaporizing concentrates with ease and efficiency after being sufficiently heated, then plunged into your extraction container. A practical, compact way to enjoy your favorite concentrates.

    18,25 €
  • JCVAP Pockety w/ 5D XXL chamber (choice of...

    JCVAP's Pockety with 5D XXL chamber and quartz insert is a portable vaporizer for concentrates and dry herbs (depending on the optional insert chosen) with temperature sensor for precise temperature control and a tailor-made vaporizing experience. Power and flavor rendition are guaranteed on this high-quality, upgradeable product.

    150,83 €
  • Zooter Camouflet

    The Zooter vaporizer is a portable ceramic device specially designed by Camouflet for tasting your concentrates, to be heated in induction (with the Inductor or Wand from Ispire). Fast heating, purity of flavor, discretion, this little vaporizer will not leave you indifferent.

    165,83 €
  • Wax Collector Dexso

    This 510 battery-powered nectar collector makes it easy to consume your extractions straight from the container, and is ideal for quick, discreet tasting of your concentrates. Simply dip the ceramic quartz tip into the concentrate of your choice, press the button and inhale through the glass straw!

    29,58 €
  • 166,00 € 207,50 € -20% In Stock
    Zenco Flow

    The Zenco Flow concentrate vaporizer offers an exceptionally simple and enjoyable vaping experience, with its modern design, ease of use and customization options. Its operation brings it particularly close to the Dab Cup from Katalyzer. Vaporization of flowers is also possible, but less accomplished: make sure you have flowers with a relatively high...

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  • XMax Riggo

    The Riggo is an innovative concentrate vaporizer that can be used on the move as a pipe, or at home with your favorite bubbler in e-nail mode. While its features may make it similar to a Proxy from Puffco, its price is much more affordable (and its format more compact)! The atomizer does, however, require a little more careful maintenance, and will need...

    72,50 € 82,50 €
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  • New Puffco Plus

    Puffco offers us the latest version of its dab pen (mini vaporizer for concentrates with 510 battery), the New Plus. One of the most practical ways to enjoy your favorite extractions on the go (rosin, wax, crumble, frozen, etc.), while respecting their terpene profiles.

    70,00 €
  • Mini Enail G9 V2

    This kit designed by Greenlightvapes enables you to vaporize your concentrates precisely, thanks to a PID control box, as well as the banger and carb cap supplied. Add a bubbler and you've got a complete package for enjoying the full flavor of your extractions.

    125,83 € 165,83 €
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  • PAX Era Life

    PAX is launching a new line of vape pens, using "pods" (pre-filled pods) in different formats (live rosin, diamonds, etc.) and varieties, which can be purchased directly from their official website in the countries concerned. Perfect for tasting extracts and easily switching from one variety to another.

    34,92 €
  • V-Wand & bubbler

    Once again, Ispire is breaking new ground with a new device dedicated to concentrates and powered by induction, using the same technology already employed on the Wand and daab. No need for butane gas, super-precise heating temperatures and less risk of burns to enjoy your favorite extracts!

    107,50 €
  • DaVinci ARTIQ

    For once, DaVinci has come up with a unique concept with this vaporizer dedicated to concentrates. Ultra discreet, it feeds most of the 510 cartridges on the market and provides optimal vapor cooling to approach the ambient temperature of your room (up to 90% cooler than usual models, according to the manufacturer).

    62,40 €
  • 12mm Concentrate Taster GRAV

    This taster is probably one of the simplest, most compact and effective forms of consuming your concentrates on the fly. Super handy for places where you can't take a more traditional rig with you. ⚠️ Random colors subject to availability.

    10,33 €
  • 320,00 € 350,00 € Immediate shipment
    New Peak Pro

    Three years after its long-awaited Peak Pro, Puffco is sharing with us an updated version, the aptly-named New Peak Pro, with its new ball cap and redesigned curves. Accessories and glassware for Peak Pro are also compatible with this new version.

    320,00 € 350,00 €
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  • Lookah Q7 Mini Enail Banger

    Ultra compact and practical, the Lookah Q7 Mini is as its name suggests a small electronic banger to taste your concentrates in a simple and efficient way by adapting to a very wide variety of water filters (with female joints ♀ in Ø 14 and 18 mm).

    90,83 €
  • Micro Enail Katalyzer - Quartz Banger version

    A complete e-nail pack to dabber more precisely than ever your most exquisite extractions. Very simple to use, it will restore the flavors impeccably in low temperatures and will provide big clouds in the highest. The Katalyzer quality at an affordable price.

    125,00 €
  • 136,60 € 170,75 € -20% In Stock
    Dabalyzer e-rig Katalyzer

    This electronic dab rig offered by Katalyzer offers a quality experience and a simple implementation to enjoy your concentrates while fresh. No more headaches due to lack of gas, accurate temperatures every time: to try it is to adopt it.

    136,60 € 170,75 € -20%
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  • Dab Cup Katalyzer

    Dab Cup from Katalyzer provides an original, user-friendly and elegant experience for consuming extracts of all kinds and in all their forms. You can place your concentrate in the cup, or connect a pre-filled cartridge to it, and with a simple press on the cup, it fills up with a beautiful, dense vapor. All that's left to do is put your mouth to it and...

    115,83 €
  • Terp Pen

    The Terp Pen from Boundless is a real electronic nectar collector that allows you to taste your concentrates as a bee would on a flower. Works without the push of a button.Replaceable heating head.Medical grade stainless steel.

    32,50 €
  • Dab Straw Wig Wag Elev8

    Dab straw (nectar collector) from Elev8. Its mouthpiece is made of an elegant glass doughnut, allowing to better cool the steam from your extractions.

    34,92 €
  • Mini Dab - Wax pen

    Coil King AIO (All-in-one) is a simple and very effective device for vaporizing all types of extractions. Definitely smart, its cap contains a dabber to handle the concentrates that can also be contained in the silicone compartment on the bottom of the device, convenient!

    49,17 €
  • Divine Crossing Version 5 Crucible

    The legendary rebuildable ceramic atomizer from Divine Crossing is back in an even more impressive version 5. In the world of vaping concentrates and alongside The Proxy, The Peak Pro of Puffco or Daab of Ispire, we have not done better in terms of flavor rendering.

    54,08 €
  • The Guardian Peak Pro Limited Edition

    With the Peak Pro, PuffCo sets a new standard for concentrate consumption.For the novice, it is the easiest and most efficient way to discover this universe.For the connoisseur, it offers a high level of customization and allows for adjustments to achieve the experience you are looking for. ⚠️ Expected arrival in December. You accept possible delays by...

    425,00 €
  • Proxy + bubbler -

    The package to use your PuffCo Proxy with the Phil Trator bubbler Katalyzer.

    304,17 €
  • The Proxy - Puffco

    Puffcoone of the undisputed leaders in concentrate vaporizers, presents its latest innovation. The Proxy is designed to offer an experience that can be modulated as you wish, so you can enjoy your extractions as and where you like. It's an atomizer that adapts to all types of support, official or not: pipes, bubblers or bongs. In stock

    190,83 € 240,83 €
  • daab™

    Ispure presents a small revolution in the dab world: a device entirely dedicated to concentrates, with water cooling and, above all, no atomizer! New version 2024: we have the very latest model with redesigned carb cap and bowl for concentrates merged with the residue bowl. Fewer components = less breakage or loss and better maintenance.

    134,00 € 175,00 €
  • Collecteur de nectar avec bubbler Elev8

    This dab straw includes an ingeniously integrated bubbler, allowing you to lightly refresh and humidify the vapor of your most exquisite concentrates. Halfway between a dab straw and a traditional bubbler, it combines the advantages of both devices: compact and easily transportable, while effectively sweetening the steam produced.

    33,25 €
  • Dabbat Elev8

    The Dab bat - literally "Bat of dabs" - is a collector nectar designed by Elev8 Glass. Very practical, it allows you to consume your extractions on the go, without needing access to water, unlike traditional bubblers. The quartz heating tip can be retracted, for a more contained size and a better protection (including against burns!).

    29,08 €
  • FlowerPot B2 Essentials Bundle

    The vaporizer FlowerPot B2 Essentials Bundle provides super-efficient vaporization of your plants and resins, as well as your concentrates. Supplied with its SiC (silicon carbide) disc for concentrates and its titanium bowl for plants and resins, the FlowerPot B2 is a vape tank. Designed among other things to be the first vaporizer to Twax: dried flowers...

    582,50 €
  • straw

    Real nectar collector, the Katalyzer collector is designed to be screwed to a battery with 510 thread. With its removable straw, it allows you to consume your concentrates in a very easy and efficient way.

    16,58 €
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