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  • Ice-o-lator Premium

    A magnificent, very fresh resin, extracted using the "water hash" technique, with tightly-meshed sieves and ice-cold water. The result is a particularly gustatory and concentrated hash, with almost 60% cannabinoids (!) in this batch, for example. It's hard not to be seduced by its intense aroma of flowers and lemons, not to mention its beautiful golden...

    From 6,25 €
  • Green Monki

    Take advantage of short distribution channels with these flowers organically grown in France by Monki. This farm makes a point of respecting the plant and the environment by offering the most natural and tasty flowers possible. Relaxation is guaranteed with its fine balance of CBD and CBG, with a touch of CBC.

    From 5,11 €
  • Purple Monki

    A beautiful flower from organic, local, environmentally-friendly agriculture. Its high, balanced levels of CBD and CBG make it an effective ally in improving your well-being.

    From 5,11 €
  • Serenity Monki CBG

    A variety organically cultivated in France with a fairly high CBG content. This underestimated molecule is an integral part of cannabis, and is said to be the mother of all the other cannabinoids the plant may contain. It is said to have interesting anti-inflammatory and even neuroprotective properties in certain degenerative diseases. It may also help...

    From 5,11 €
  • Beldia CBD + CBG

    This premium resin is inspired by the endemic and emblematic hemp variety of the Moroccan rif, and the world-renowned hash extracted from it. With a total cannabinoid content of 44.5% and a high CBN content complemented by a good CBD/CBG balance, its relaxing effect will be much appreciated in the hours before falling asleep.

    From 6,25 €
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