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The vaporizer also called vapo, inhalator, vaporisateur in French, can be distinguished from the e-cig and the v-pen.

A vaporizer is a device allowing you to extract the active ingredients of the plants without burning the plants.

Your dry plants (aromatic herbs) keep staying at temperature inferior to the one for combustion (230°C)

This method allows to avoid the tars and the carbon monoxide and also the carcinogenic compounds existing during the combustion of vegetal material whatever it is.

The device heat the air at a temperature selected by the user and then carbonate the active ingredients of the plant.

You inhale a vapor only composed of plant aromas and active ingredients.

Vaporization is one of the best way to extract the active ingredients / essential oils of a plant / resin and practice phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

Most of the vaporizer, portable or desktop, can vaporize dry plants and resins. But not all models, especially when it comes to a portable vaporizer.

We invite you to read the detailed description of the vaporizers.

In any case be sure that our selection is what ensure you that we don’t sell any cheap vaporizer of bad quality.

To guide you during your choice among the criteria mentioned above, you can use here our Guide to choose your own vaporizer.

Finally, as we like to say, there is no best vaporizer but a vaporizer adapted to each user / use, it is indeed important to take your time to choose according to your needs.

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