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You found a product less expensive elsewhere? Best price guaranteed!

At La Centrale Vapeur we do all we can to offer you the best products, vaporizers, e-cigs and e-liquids at the best price possible.

Fully aware of the actual competition and the difficulty for you to find your way back we decided to apply the following price policy:

If you find less expensive elsewhere, with equal commercial terms, give us a call and we will do the best we can to bring you a total satisfaction.

We also would like to raise your awareness on the late arrival of new websites specialized in vaporizers with prices that defies all competition and with copies of inexpensive vaporizer like VaporBrothers for example.


-These websites are often based outside the EU (US and UK). They promise you really low prices but forgot to mention the costs of the VAT (20%) and the customs duty (4%) which will be asked during the delivery by the French customs services.

-These websites based outside the EU have shipping delay of an average 5 days.

-These same websites are selling non certified vaporizers, THOSE like the PAX for example or the 7th Floor products (Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer) that we had to stop selling for this reason.

Finally, as vaporization enthusiasts for more than 10 years we would also like to raise your awareness on the dangers and disadvantages linked to a lot of inexpensive vaporizers, e-cigs and e-liquids available on the market.

-A vaporizer with a low price is often at the expense of the quality, glue and / or weld in the hot air pass, in contact with the electronic parts, made of non-medical silicon. Heating resistor not inert in terms of taste and toxins emanation, etc…

It is for these reasons that you will not find inexpensive and low range vaporizers at La Centrale Vapeur.

-An inexpensive vaporizer often means counterfeit – At La Centrale Vapeur no copies.

-There are also expensive and bad vaporizers, you won’t find them here too.

In any case, if you have a question, a doubt, or an opinion to give, we invite you to contact us directly at this number: +331.