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Used - Focus Pro S

40,83 € tax incl.

New product

The focus Vape PRO S made by I-focus is the enhanced version of the Focus Vape PRO.

Enhanced battery.

Adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree from 80° to 240°C

Removable battery 18650 3200 mah.

Vibrates when the temperature is reached.

Ceramic chamber for well rendered flavors.

Adjustable Air Flow

An easy to manipulate and efficient portable vaporizer.

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Purchasing a vaporizer Focus Vape PRO S includes receiving a pack that contains:

1 Portable vaporizer Focus Vape PRO S made by I-Focus,

1 Silicon mouthpiece to protect the top of your Focus Vape Pro,

1 Dabber made of stainless steel,

1 Brush,

1 Dabber,

1 Instruction manual,

1 Pack of screens,

1 Battery 18650 of 3200 mah,

1 USB cable,

A one year guarantee.


A 10g Mix of plants given for free if you purchase a vaporizer.

A transport case offered by, various dimensions.

The Focus Vape PRO S made by I-Focus is the adjustable temperature version of the portable vaporizer Focus Vape and an enhanced battery.

With a new casing that gives it a durable look and enhanced electronic for better temperature controle, the Focus PRO S is the enhanced version of the Focus PRO.

Finally a vaporizer looking like a worthy Vape Pen.

This portable vaporizer disposes of an adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree going from 80° to 240°C visible on a LED screen.

This allows to vaporize nearly every type of plants / resins and choose the active ingredients you want to extract.

For long sessions with long lasting flavors we advise you to start at 160°C then increase gradually. You should know that doing this will never gives you any big vapor puffs, perfect for discretion.

If you want to have short sessions and higher puffs, we advise you to begin at 220°C directly.

Technical characteristics for this portable vaporizer:

-The adjustable air flow! Thanks to the wheel on the device you will be able to set the device’s air inlet which allows you to inhale in different ways. People who just left the combustion style will appreciate a tight airflow that will allows them an inhalation close to the one they now, a short one. The vapers or other profiles will rather prefer a more opened airflow, which allows to take longer and bigger puffs and also a better preservation of the flavors.

-The mouthpiece is in Pyrex.

-The chamber is made of medical ceramic

- The air path is completely independent and adjustable thanks to the airflow control ring.

-The vaporizer vibrates once the wished temperature is reached, this way you will not have to constantly keep an eye on the device.

-The battery is an 18650 original of 3200 mah made by LG is giving you an autonomy of 1h30 with a low temperature and 1h in high vapor temperature on a full charge. It can be used during the recharge.

-Capacity of the ceramic bowl 0.3 to 0.4g.

-Autonomy from 1h to 1h20.

- Works well with plants and resins.

For the resins, we advise you to get a screen, you will be able to place it at the bottom of the bowl. It will allows you an easier cleaning and reduce the dirt at the bottom of the bowl.

You will be able to find the resins cartridges for vaporizers Focus Vape PRO here.

Or the ideals screens for resins for Focus Vaporizer here.

In need of autonomy?

The 18650 original 2500 mah LG battery is also available in accessory here.

The battery Samsung 3200 mah compatible with the portable vaporizer Focus Vape and the Focus Pro is available here.

If you want more autonomy, enjoy our offer on a power bank special vape with 5000 mah of autonomy.

In need of water filtration?

If you want to enjoy yourself with a water filtration and a hydra tube, the adapter for bong / water pipe given with your vaporizer Focus is compatible.

Hydra tube available here.

For the concentrates:

They can be used too, a cartridge dedicated to them is available here:

Instruction manual for the vaporizer Focus vape PRO S made by I-Focus:

-3 successive pressings on one of the buttons < or > to turn it on. It turns on and indicate its level of battery and goes to the last temperature selected.

-The focus vape pro vibrates once the selected temperature is reached.

- A press on the buttons < AND > during 3 seconds turn off the vaporizer.

-The heating stops after 5min then the device enters the “sleep mode” for 5 minutes: 1 long pressing and the heating starts again on the last temperature used.

The manufacture’s quality of the vaporizer, its accessories and ABOVE ALL the quality of the vape are what make this portable vaporizer one of the best vapo on the market at this day and clearly the vape pen of the early 2016.

Tips for a more aerial Air flow:

Your cap contains a small screen bloc that can be unscrewed.

Once unscrewed, you will be able to remove, according to your choice, the ceramic filter or the small screen.

Doing this will allows the creation of a more aerial air path.

Want to go vape? It is time to enjoy yourselves in total serenity!

Here is a test video of the portable vaporizer focus vape PRO, we leave that judgement to your personal tastefulness.

Be careful, in the video we are using the vaporizer Focus Pro at 240° with plants to show you that we are under the combustion temperature, HOWEVER we advise you to stay under 225 degrees for plants and keep the higher temperatures for resins or concentrates because the Focus Pro at 240° is really close to sub-combustion.

I-Focus is a new vape society who wants to produce the best devices in terms of portable vaporizer on the market.
To do so they have consulted different vaporizers specialists to understand better the expectations of the customers and we are one of them.
We did an upstream work with a manufacturer we elected to bring you in exclusivity, in France, the Focus Vape made by I-Focus.

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying a Focus Pro S? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.