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  • VITAL - Xmax

    Vital Xmax is a portable vaporizer created by the inventors of the X-MAX V2 Pro, with by-degree temperature adjustment and OLED screen. Possibility to vaper & to charge (by USB) at the same time Autonomy - 40 to 60 min (2200 mAh battery) Only available in black

    44,08 € 54,08 €
  • Mighty 2023

    The vaporizer Mighty is a portable convection electronic vaporizer and one of the best high-end vaporizers on the market. New vaporizer Mighty+ available here. Latest version with boost function, faster heating and 20% longer autonomy. Manufactured by a pioneering brand in the world of vaping, Storz & Bickel. ℹ️ Cheaper elsewhere? See our offer below!

    161,00 € 265,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 60,75 € 70,75 € Immediate shipment
    Fenix Mini Dee Pro - Katalyzer

    New Mini Dee Pro version with additional mini grinder and resin cartridge. The Fenix Mini portable vaporizer features a highly efficient 100% convection heating system with a temperature adjustable down to the degree, from 160 to 215°C. With its 35 minutes of autonomy, its reduced size and its reliability, the Mini Dee Pro is a real success.

    60,75 € 70,75 €
    Reduced price!
  • XMax V2 Pro Xvape or Storm

    Portable Vaporizer X-MAX V2 PRO: a very GOOD vaporizer which is INEXPENSIVE. To Buy an inexpensive vaporizer which is now affordable. 5 temperatures range from 180° to 220° Compatible with plants, resins and concentrates If you buy a vaporizer, a mix of plants to be vaporized (10g) will be offered. NB: The storm is the same version but branded  

    51,40 € 62,50 €
  • Isopropyl alcohol 99.9%

    One liter of 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol, perfect for cleaning your vaporizer or glass piece (water filter).Here is finally the cleaner that many have been waiting for. Cleans your glass piece of all essential oil deposits in a few seconds.NB: For DOM-TOM additional shipping costs are to be expected.

    13,25 €
  • Damiana - 30g

    Damiana is an aphrodisiac plant from Central and South America that was used extensively by local civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs. Also used for increasing energy, asthma, depression, impotence and menstrual problems. Warning not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer. Sold by bag of 30 grams.

    5,50 €
  • Papa Hazel Green - 30g

    The Papa Hazel Mix was inspired by the famous Dutch mix Greengo but it stands out thanks to its reconsidered composition and its French manufacture. Composed of hazelnut leaves, papaya leaves, a touch of peppermint coated in eucalyptus and a lot of love. Weight: 30g min.

    5,59 €
  • OG Papa Hazel - 30g

    The Papa Hazel Mix was inspired by the famous Dutch mix Greengo but it stands out thanks to its reconsidered composition and its French manufacture. Composed of hazelnut leaves, papaya leaves, a touch of peppermint coated in eucalyptus and a lot of love. Weight: 30g min.

    5,59 €
  • The M 2021 VapCap Dynavap

    The 2021 "M" is the latest VapCap from Dynavap with the same stainless steel body, AND new finishes. Free turbo lighter. The 2021 "M" VapCap is a portable, non-electric vaporizer that works with a torch lighter. With its temperature control by sound, it is a very good portable vaporizer. The flavour rendering and ease of use are great.

    49,16 € 49,17 €
  • Aria XVape

    The Aria Xvape is a very good small portable vaporizer, the worthy successor of the Vital and XMAX V2 Pro. We loved the previous models from XVape like the Vital, the Xmax V2 Pro or the XVape Vista Mini, the adventure continues. Compatible with dried plants, resins and concentrates, with a very fast heating, this newcomer of the brand is a strong...

    57,42 €
  • Two resin cartridges - Focus

    2 Petites cartouches spéciales pour vos résines et plantes qui rentre dans la chambre de votre vaporisateur portable Focus Vape I-Focus. Contenance 0.2g.Compatible avec le focus vape et d'autre vaporisateurs, voir liste ci-dessous. Prix réduit de 1.5€ par unité à partir de 3 blister de 2 cartouches pour vaporisateur Focus Vape et Focus Vape Pro

    6,58 €
  • Mighty+ (plus)

    The Mighty+ is a portable electronic convection vaporizer and one of the best in the high-end segment. Latest version with superbooster function, faster heating and optimized autonomy. Fast USB-C charging, etc. (see below).Made by a pioneering brand in the world of vaping, Storz & Bickel. ℹ️ Right now, a free Clic Clic vaporizer pack with every...

    272,67 € 331,67 €
  • 40,83 € Shipment within 10 to 15 days
    Mini Dee Version 2021

    The Mini Dee Orion from the top of its 7 cm, is a portable vaporizer with 3 pre-set temperatures, a range of more than 45 minutes of vape, a charge by USB and an adjustable air passage A very good portable vaporizer. Offered: Mix of plants 10 grams, adapted carrying pouch.

    40,83 €
  • Focus Vape

    The Portable vaporizer Focus Vape made by I-Focus is the vape pen of 2016 6 pre-set temperatures (from 160 to 220°C).Battery 18650 2500 mah removable = from 1h to 1h20 approximativelyVibrates when the maximum temperature is reached.Ceramic chamber for very well rendered flavors.Air Flow adjustable. The Focus Vape is an easy to manipulate and efficient...

    56,25 €
  • Arizer Solo 2

    Discover Arizer Solo 2, one of the best vaporizers for flavor rendering. Temperature adjustable from 50 to 220°C via OLED display Autonomy: 3 hours Temperature rise: 20 seconds, powerful heating for big inhalations A worthy successor to the vaporizer Arizer Solo, the Solo 2 is bluffing

    132,50 €
  • Capsule Caddy

    Odor-proof, waterproof and supplied with 4 dosing capsules, the capsule caddy from Storz&Bickel is the perfect accessory for your vaporizer portable Mighty or Crafty. The dosing capsules are placed directly in the chamber of the vaporizer Mighty and Crafty.

    3,68 € 4,08 € -10%
    Reduced price!
  • Mighty or Crafty or Cfx glass mouthpiece

    Glass mouthpiece for your vaporizer portable Crafty or Mighty or CFX. Perfect if you're looking for a more pleasant feel than silicone Storz & Bickel.

    10,42 €
  • CFX 2020 Boundless Vape

    Le CFX Boundless Vape est un vaporisateur portable qui n’a rien à envier au Mighty de Storz&Bickel. Le CFX offre la température réglable au degrés près. Bol en céramique, chauffe 100% convection pour un très bon rendu des saveurs. Passage de l’air 100% isolé, chauffe en 20 secondes. Nuage de vapeur dès les premières inhalations.

    77,50 € 107,50 €
  • Grinder Storz & Bickel

    A grinder designed by Storz & Bickel, the maker of the Volcano vaporizer. One of the best plastic grinders on the market, crushes your plants very, very finely. The same as in the Mighty / Volcano / Plentybox

    4,13 €
  • Organic Raspberry - 30g

    30 grams of organic raspberry. Nicknamed the "woman's best ally", this plant has been used by Native American women for centuries, particularly during periods of transition due to hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause) to help their bodies regain their balance.

    4,64 €
  • Butane gas 300 ml Colibri 99.9% pure

    Butane gas Colibri for our lighters. 100% free of impurities - guaranteed! Perfect for Vector lighters or torches.

    6,58 €
  • 4,88 € 5,42 € -10% Immediate shipment
    Magazine with 8 dosing capsules

    Störz&Bickel, 1st vaporizer manufacturer in Europe is proposing really handy tool for your portable vaporizer  Mighty ou Crafty. 8 Capsules to fill, re closable and which can enter directly inside your favorite portable vaporizer. Test and opinion really positives, the magazine and its 8 dosing capsules by Störz&Bickel is really handy and can be...

    4,88 € 5,42 € -10%
    Reduced price!
  • Fenix Mini, Pro resin cartridge

    A resin and herb cartridge for your Fenix Mini, Fenix Pro portable vaporizer Made of stainless steel, this reusable cartridge keeps your vaporizer chamber clean. Available in two versions: Closed" version: capsule open on top and bottom / closed on sides Open" version: capsule open on top and bottom AND open on the sides

    3,25 €
  • 205,33 € 248,33 € IMMEDIATE DELIVERY

    Crafty+ is an improved version of the Crafty vaporizer with USB-C charging: faster charging, less heat in the hands and redesigned. Improved battery: 7 dosing capsules on a single charge. ℹ️ Cheaper elsewhere? See our offer below!

    205,33 € 248,33 €
  • Focus PRO

    The focus Vape PRO made by I-focus is the version with the adjustable temperature of the Focus Vape. Enhanced battery. Adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree from 80° to 240°C Removable battery 18650 3200 mah. Vibrates when the temperature is reached. Ceramic chamber for well rendered flavors. Adjustable Air Flow An easy to manipulate and...

    70,83 €

    The Starry portable vaporizer is a very good vaporizer A Portable vaporizer with an adjustable heating temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree with a removable 18650 battery and a ceramic mouthpiece. The Starry is 11 cm of happiness by TopGreenTech, the inventors of the X-MAX V2 Pro and Vital vaporizer. If you buy a vaporizer, you’ll receive a mix of...

    66,58 €
  • Focus Pro S

    The focus Vape PRO S made by I-focus is the enhanced version of the Focus Vape PRO.Enhanced battery.Adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree from 80° to 240°CRemovable battery 18650 3200 mah.Vibrates when the temperature is reached.Ceramic chamber for well rendered flavors.Adjustable Air FlowAn easy to manipulate and efficient portable...

    74,17 €
  • Trim Green Gold CBD Organic

    A variety organically grown in France with a fairly high CBD content and a very floral, smooth aromatic profile. The parts resulting from the manicure of the flowers (small flowers, leaves and some small branches) are gathered and make it possible to constitute a herb to vaporize for a really soft price, with a respectable vapor and very pleasant...

    0,47 €
  • The M 2020 VapCap Dynavap

    The 2020 "M" is the current version of the 2019, 2018 and 2017 VapCap with still a medical grade stainless steel body AND a new finish. Take advantage of our offer to discover the purity of flavors with a glass body for 14 euro extra or 9,9€ discount. To take advantage of this offer, see under the "Buy" button. If you don't need a lighter at home, you can...

    55,96 € 65,83 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • Degummed hemp fiber 30 grams

    Degummed hemp fiber is a hemp fiber. Sold in 30-gram sachets, it's sure to come in handy during a wide range of sessions. Very practical for a wide range of uses, the fiber is natural, biodegradable and does not impart a strong taste.

    10,75 €
  • Hydratube Vital

    Designed for your vaporizer Vital.XMax offers you to filter your vapor and soften - cool it down with this hand-blown Pyrex glass mouthpiece.

    13,25 €
  • 113,33 € 128,33 € Immediate shipment
    Arizer ArGo - 2021

    The Arizer ArGo, contraction of Arizer Go, is a portable vaporizer from the cannadian brand Arizer, high-end, powerful and ultra-compact. Released in December 2017 the Arizer Argo presents itself as a small revolution at " Arizer Vaporizer".Powerful and ultra-compact, it has the temperature adjustable to the nearest degree.

    113,33 € 128,33 €
    Reduced price!
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