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Bowle 250 ml - Vaporisateur Tafée Bowle

Bowle 450 ml

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Discover the luxury of convection heating with on-demand puffing and very well rendered flavors. The Tafée Bowle Vaporizer is amazingly simple and effective.

The Tafée Bowle only heats up when you inhale and without keeping the button pressed. The glass is "only" used to drink and moisten the throat between puffs.

Potter+ grinder and four ceramic bowls included

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The Tafée Bowle is a vaporizer that is primarily aimed at the purist and lover of flavor and big inhalations to make quick and effective extractions.

With its four temperatures, its medical grade materials and its heating system during inhalation the Tafée Bowle has surprised the community and his success is just beginning.

Buy a vaporizer Tafée Bowle 450 ml is to receive:

  • A tafée bowle vaporizer.
  • A plastic glass 450ml capacity.
  • A maintenance kit.
  • A set of grids and O rings
  • A USB cable.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A user manual in English, - see bottom of page for French user manual.

+ A Potter+ grinder WITH four ceramic bowls FREE

+ La Centrale Vapeur welcome kit =

  • A 10g bag of plants (Damiana or other).
  • A carrying pouch.

Technical characteristics of the vaporizer Tafée Bowle:

  • Heats only when you inhale, no pressure required.
  • Aspiration detection system that starts convection heating only when you inhale.
  • Stops heating immediately after inhalation and makes almost no percolation between puffs.
  • Autonomy: between 4 to 8 bowls, knowing that a bowl can take between 2 to 10 puffs or more to be vaporized depending on the temperature set and the time and power of inhalation.
  • Charging time: 1 hour with the supplied USB 3.0 cable.
  • Four temperatures to choose from: from 115°C to 240°C.
  • Removable ceramic bowl for very clean flavor and quick cleaning.
  • Completely insulated steam and air passage.
  • Pre-filling system of the bowls via the grinders Tafée Bowle, Potter+ and Potter Shredder.
  • Glass of water that allows to humidify the throat between puffs, which is very practical because necessary when vaping.
  • Attention: steam does not pass through water.
  • The size of the bowl invites you to micro dosing and allows you to make economies of plants or resins.
  • Extraction by very strong convection system.
  • No percolation of the plants between the boilers because the heating is not located below or above the plants, but well and truly separated.
  • Full lung suction very free and without resistance.
  • Very powerful heater that does not weaken despite strong suction.
  • Dimensions of the Puck Tafée Bowle: 71 X 30 mm.
  • Weight: 190 g.
  • Dimensions with glass 85 X 145 mm

How to use the Tafée Bowle Vaporizer:

  • Fill a bowl.
  • Put the pod in the Tafée Bowl.

  • Three successive presses of the ON/OFF (wide) button will turn the unit on.
    -Your device smiles at you when you turn it on with a set of sky blue LEDs.
  • Short presses on the button below (the small one) allow you to change between the four temperatures.
    -A set of light blue leds indicates the chosen one.
  • A short press on the ON/OFF button turns on the heater.
    -The LEDs turn green immediately.
  • The Bowle tafée remains ready to heat up for 6 seconds = the LEDs remain green.
  • Aspirethe heating and vaporization of your plants or resins only starts when you start to inhale. As long as you maintain the suction the heating will continue and the LEDS will remain green, sign of heating.
  • Stop inhaling and the heating stops.
    -LEDs turn blue again
  • To take another puff, repeat the operation, a click turns on the heater, inhale, stop and the heater stops.

Our opinion after testing and reviewing the vaporizer Tafée Bowle:

The Tafée bowle is a very very good vaporizer. It will surprise many people!

Between its design, the usefulness of the water glass, and especially its impressive extraction capacity the Tafée is part of the top of the portable vaporizers.

The flavor rendering is pure, and apart from glass, no other vaporizer to date has a flavor rendering equal to Tafée Bowle, if not maybe a Firefly+ and still this one gets dirty faster than a Tafée Bowle.

Set to the highest temperature on Tafée is capable of extracting almost all the active ingredients in 2 to 3 long and powerful inhalations.

In any case, it is aimed at vaporists who prefer efficient extractions at a given temperature.

Its passage of steam allows it to arrive relatively fresh in the mouth and the Tafée delivers powerful and very satisfying battens.

The on-demand latte system works very well and the Tafée will surprise you by stopping the heating as soon as you stop vacuuming.

Finally, glass is more useful than you might think:

Indeed, having water on hand after inhalations invites you to drink between inhalations.

This has a soothing effect on the throat, which is stressed by the slightly warm air and the active ingredients in the gas.

You'll be surprised to find yourself tempted to hydrate after a puff
Moreover, water allows you to clean your throat to better enjoy the flavors and terpenes.