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Magic-Flight WALNUT

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The Magic-Flight Launch Box or MFLB is a mini portable vaporizer with optimal vaporization performances.

This portable vaporizer heats in a few seconds and cool down instantly for a better preservation of the aromas.

The smaller and faster of the portable vaporizer to increase in temperature.

A 10g mix of plants to vaporize given for free when you purchase a vaporizer.

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Is this for resinous plants / substrates only or also essential oils / concentrates?For plants only

Purchasing a Magic-Flight Launch Box includes receiving:

-A stainless steel box,

-A Magic-Flight Launch Box made of maple wood,

-Capacity: 2250 mAh,

-A battery charger with French outlet,

-A mouthpiece made of pyrex glass,

-A cleaning brush.

-A 10g mix of plants to vaporize given for free.

-A transport case given for free of various dimensions.

The MFLB is dedicated to herbs, to be able to use it with resins and concentrates, don’t forget to get a concentrate tray.

Manufactured in the USA.

Guarantee: Lifetime by the manufacturer.

On the market since 2009, purchasing a Magic-Flight Launch Box means trusting an ethical and artisanal company.

Everything is handmade in the USA, without any glue or weld, all of that with all of our heart and a real life philosophy.

Discover in no time the universe of the Magic-Flight accessories here.

A universe composed of a lot of really useful inventions for your daily life, enough to enjoy oneself with its portable vaporizer or even transform it into a desktop one.

The power adapter 2.1 is the A/C adapter available in option here.

It allows you to plug your Launch Box on the electrical current and variate its intensity. A true happiness to use its MFLB daily at home with the comfort of a desktop vaporizer.

Instruction Manual – Functioning

The Launch Box Monocle is provided with an instruction manual composed of more precise and detailed pictures that we strongly invite you to consult before using the device.

Instruction manual – Magic Flight Launch Box:

1) Take a fully loaded pile (provided) and insert it inside the intended location.

2) Put your herbs inside the slot then close the window with a single finger press.

3) Press on the pile, vapor is produced in less than 5seconds.

4) Inhale slowly and during a long time.

5) Stop pressing on the pile and finish your inhalation.

6) Exhale

7) Start again! Think about shaking regularly your Box between the inhalations.

The Magic Flight Launch Bo (MFLB) is the more efficient and discreet portable vaporizer of the market with the Palm 2.0

Really easy to manipulate the MFLB works with a battery and a single press on it.

This portable vaporizer heats up in a few seconds (5sec), to allow you to vaporize everywhere and whenever you want.

It cools down in one second which guarantee a vaporization according on-demand and zero losses between each inhalations.

This will allows you to consume up to 4 times less herbs than usual.

Technical characteristics:

Heating technique: Infrared and convection.

Rise in temperature in less than 5 seconds.

Autonomy of a battery: from 2 to 4 sessions according to how you use it.

Handmade calibration and crafting.

Can be hold in the palm of your hand.

Totally quiet.

Can be used with or without the provided mouthpiece.

Alimentation: A naked rechargeable NimH battery of at least 2000 mAh.

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying a Magic-Flight Launch Box Maple? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is also available in 3 different wood type for the classical versions.

Two version with different woods, which are denser woods requiring more working time but heating a second faster than the classic version made maple wood.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box in walnut and the Magic-Flight Launch Box in cherry wood.

The Muad Dib is the Launch Box for concentrates only, even if it can works with the best resins.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box Monocle Edition made of walnut wood is the most luxurious version, it is equipped of a golden circled magnifying glass.

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