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DynAezhenn pipe - Pipe Vapcap Aezhenn Wood


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This boxwood pipe is handmade in Brittany by Aezhenn Wood. It is delivered with a Stainless Tip Dynavap and a Cap Dynavap.

The inside of the glass pipe is removable for easy cleaning.

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Handmade by Aezehenn wood in Brittany, delivered with a Stainless Tip Dynavap and a Cap Dynavap, your DynAezhenn pipe is ready to use.

The DynAezhenn pipe is a small, portable, wood-shaped vaporizer that works exactly like all Dynavap portable vaporizers with the VapCap system.

What makes it different from other Dynavap vaporizers, is that the steam passage is mainly made of glass. The glass tube is removable for easy cleaning.

By buying a DynAezhenn Pipe Aezhenn wood you are making the ultra confidential world of French craft vape work and we thank you greatly!

The wooden pipe Aezhenn Wood is a small portable vaporizer, non-electric, which works - preferably - with a torch lighter OR any other heat source, like its predecessor and competitor: the Vaponic. With its lighter heating and its temperature control by sound, the Dynaezhenn pipe is a very good portable vaporizer. It is very easy to use and has a great flavour.

The real innovation of Dynavap, present on all the portable vaporizers of the brand Dynavap Vaporizeris a temperature control by sound.

As soon as the vaporization temperature is reached (about 190°C) the cap of the vaporizer emits a small "click" indicating that you must stop the heating immediately. A second, louder click indicates that you really need to stop because the combustion is too close.

As soon as the vaporizer is cold enough for a second heating cycle, a 3ème click is heard.

Your Dynavap vaporizer is then ready to be heated again until you hear a click indicating that the vaporization temperature has been reached and that the VapCap no longer needs to be heated. And so on.

In addition, a small hole located on the device, just under the mouthpiece allows you to regulate more or less the air flow and therefore the density of your inhalations.

Finally, its size and the way it is used make it a perfect cheap portable vaporizer for resins.

The flavors and the density of vapor produced by the VapCap is bluffing, its size and its simplicity of use are simply brilliant. A must have for any self-respecting vaporizer aficionado who needs a portable but qualitative vaporizer.

Buying a DynAezhenn pipe portable vaporizer means getting :

  • 1 x DynAezhenn Pipe portable vaporizer with Dynavap Stainless Tip and Dynavap Cap.

The welcome kit La Centrale Vapeur =

  • A carrying case offered by LCV
  • A mix of 10 grams of plants (Damiana or other).

N.B.: A good storm lighter / torch will allow you to heat up your Dynavap vaporizer more quickly.

Do you want to buy a torch lighter of your choice?

Find all our lighters / torches storm flame for portable vaporizer here

Technical characteristics of the DynAezhenn Pipe vaporizer:

  • Glass and boxwood tube.
  • Very small = 12cm
  • Lightweight = 33 grams
  • Heats up in seconds (3 to 5 seconds) with a storm lighter
  • Can be heated with any heat source (candle, ember, light bulb etc.)
  • Very good aroma
  • Temperature more or less variable with know-how, depending on the location of the flame during heating

Instructions for use of the DynAezheen pipe vaporizer by Aezhenn Wood:

First of all, we advise you to train with a vaporizer empty of any substance

  • Remove the small metal cap (the cap)
  • Fill the stainless steel bowl (not the cap) with dry crumbled plants or resin
  • Close the cap
  • Heat the DynAzhenn pipe on the side of the metal cap, while turning, until you hear a click


But only on the sides of the cape (see video below)

  • After the click, turn off the heater and inhale.
  • If you continue to heat after the first click, a second click will be heard indicating that it is absolutely necessary to stop the heating because otherwise combustion will take place and this overheating tends to damage the cap.
  • Before we start a new heat run:
  • Wait for a 3rd click (or 30 seconds if you didn't hear anything) to let it cool down
  • You can then start heating again until your bowl is completely vaporized
  • You can then repeat the procedure and heat until you hear a click and so on until your bowl is fully vaporized (dark brown plant and more steam)
  • To fill and empty the bowl of your "M" 2019 a simple suction and a simple blow are enough

Be careful not to burn yourself, so remember to let your vaporizer bottle cool before putting your fingers in it.

Cleaning this portable vaporizer is quite easy and quick, here is the procedure we recommend

  • Dismantle your Dynavap vaporizer completely.
  • Soak all non-wooden parts in boiling water for 1 minute
  • Take them out, wipe them and soak them in a ziplock bag containing 99.9° Iso alcohol for 2 minutes and shake a little
  • Take them out, rinse them with clean water and then dip them in boiling water containing a little cleaner like Limpuro (or other) for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with clean water

Now your DynAezhenn Pipe Vaporizer is brand new, odorless and ready to follow you wherever you want to take it.

The team of La Centrale Vapeur would like to inform you that on the Cape, marks are more or less visible. They are machining and welding marks. Sometimes the Cap shows traces of heating, it is simply the metal reacting to the heat during welding or cutting. These marks or discolorations are quite normal, and do not interfere with the operation of the Cap.

Our opinion after testing and reviewing the DynAezhenn pipe vaporizer:

This pipe works just as well as the VapCap Original, Un M 2019, NonaVong or an Omnivap, it is surprisingly easy to use.

The temperature control by the sound of a click is very ingenious and allows a complete and combustion-free vape experience.

Its components allow a very good rendering of the aromas and a complete and fast extraction of the active principles.

Robust, discreet, fully cleanable, it will quickly become your all-terrain vaporizer to take with you everywhere.

The 2019 "M" is, like its predecessors, a very good portable vaporizer.

A must have for any vape enthusiast and especially a very very good vaporizer.

If we compare only the flavor / steam the VapCap is worth a vaporizer 3 times more expensive so if you are looking for a small cheap vapo to start or to tide you over the DynAezhenn pipe is an excellent choice.


All Dynavap portable vaporizers have the same heating element that indicates the temperature with a "click": The Cap - stainless steel.

By buying a DynAezhenn Pipe Aezhenn wood you are making the ultra confidential world of French craft vape work and we thank you greatly!