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Bubbler 20 cm Showerhead donut Homer Debulle

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Bubbler in 3 mm thick glass, 20 cm high.

Homer Debulle is a small bubbler equipped with a 14 mm female joint, a showerhead plunger with 7 slots, and a small donut to cool down the steam a little more.

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This small 20 cm high bubbler is primarily aimed at the home vaporizer user or those looking for a Dab Rig as its straight tube means that a portable vaporizer is likely to be a bit close to your face.

Equipped with a 7-slot plunger and a doughnut-shaped vapor passage, it has a torque effect that allows you to shoot bigger slats than your vaporizer alone.

The ball has an upside down mirror effect that promises beautiful contemplations.

The small tube return above the ball allows you to disguise it as a vase in no time.

Technical characteristics of the Homer Debulle bubbler:

  • Size: 23 cm.
  • Base diameter: 6 cm.
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Thickness 3 mm.
  • Weight: 230 grams approximately
  • Size of the joint: 14 female
  • Diameter of the ball 2,5 cm approximately
  • Date of birth: 02/09/2020 - conceived on XX XX 2019 during a Donut eating contest.

How to connect the Homer Debulle bubbler to your vaporizer:

  • Most vaporizers require a specific accessory in order to be connected to a bubbler.
  • The Homer Debulle showerhead bubbler has a 14mm female joint, so you will need to find a 14mm male adapter like this one for example.
  • Each vapo needs a specific adapter.
  • To find it, just go to the vaporizer accessories of the desired brand.

How to clean your bong / water filter / bubbler:

  • Once empty, fill it with a few centilitres of ISO 99.9% alcohol available here or limpuro or Smono cleaner.

  • Fill it to the brim if necessary.

  • To close your bong, 14mm plugs (the size of your water filter female joint) are available here.

  • Soak for a few minutes or much longer depending on how dirty your glass is.

  • Empty the alcohol into a suitable container for re-use.

  • Rinse your bong.

  • If it doesn't shine enough, then a solution like Limpuro, smono cleaner or Dark Cristal will be perfect.

  • Rinse again, take the baby out of the bath.

And voila, your bubbler / bong is all clean!

As the glass is not guaranteed, we invite you to shake your parcel before signing for it and to sign it with reservation in case of doubt.

In case of glass breakage upon receipt, you have one hour to report it to us, otherwise no claim can be accepted.

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