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The VonG titanium

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The VonG (i) Titanium is the latest luxury VapCap from Dynavap with a fully interchangeable titanium body.

Collector box VonG (i) Titanium + free turbo lighter.

The VonG (i) Titanium is a high-end, non-electric, portable titanium vaporizer that works with a torch lighter.

This is the Dynavap model that fits directly on a water filter or bubbler.

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The 2022 VonG (i) Titanium is the latest version of Dynavap's top-of-the-line, all-medical grade titanium "M" VapCap Original, which fits over a water filter.

New improvements with Dynavap's The 2022 VonG (i) Titanium :

  • The most durable VonG ever designed with a full titanium body !
  • The titanium handle is interchangeable, hence the presence of the i in brackets. A declination of new sleeves should soon appear. Dynacollectors will go (even) crazier !
  • New course called "captive cap" ;
  • Faceted serrated tip (the herb/resin bowl) with a redesigned draw;
  • Technology Adjust-a-bowl allowing to reduce the size of the bowl by 50% for microdosing;
  • Rotationally adjustable air intake;
  • Mouthpiece adaptable on any water filter equipped with a 10 mm or 14 mm gasket.

ℹ️The team of La Centrale Vapeur would like to inform you that on the cape, marks are more or less visible. They are machining and welding marks. Some caps show traces of heating, it is simply the metal that reacts to the heat during the welding or cutting. These marks or colorations are quite normal, and do not interfere with the operation of the cap.

The real innovation of Dynavap, present on all the portable vaporizers of the brand Dynavap Vaporizer, is atemperature control by sound.

As soon as the vaporization temperature is reached (approx. 190 °C) the cap (or the cap) of the vaporizer emits a small "click" indicating that you must stop the heating immediately. A second, louder click indicates that you really need to stop because the combustion is too close.

After a few seconds, as soon as the vaporizer is cold enough for the next heating cycle, a 3èmeClick is heard.

Your Dynavap vaporizer is then ready to be heated again until you hear a click indicating that the vaporization temperature has been reached and that the VapCap no longer needs to be heated. And so on.

In addition, a small hole located on the device, just under the mouthpiece allows you to regulate more or less the air flow and therefore the density of your inhalations.

Finally, because of the way it works, it is a perfect portable vaporizer for resins.

The flavors and the density of vapor produced by the VapCap is bluffing, its size and its simplicity of use are simply brilliant. A must have for any self-respecting vaporizer aficionado who needs a portable but qualitative vaporizer.

Buying a The 2022 VonG (i) Titanium portable vaporizer means getting :

  • 1 x portable sprayerThe 2022 VonG (i) Titanium ;
  • 1 x VapCap user manual ;

+ La Centrale Vapeur welcome kit :

  • 1 x carrying case offered by LCV;
  • 1 x 10 grams mix of plants (Damiana or other);
  • 1 x bvonG (i) Titanium" collector carrying case;
  • 1 x turbo lighter that will allow you to wait to buy a real lighter.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: DynaVap ;
  • Materials: titanium, stainless steel and medical silicone;
  • Length: very compact format of 92 mm;
  • Weight: very light at 15.7 grams;
  • Manufacturing: United States ;
  • Heats up in seconds (3 to 5 seconds) with a storm lighter;
  • Can be heated with any heat source (candle, ember, light bulb, etc.);
  • Excellent rendering of flavors;
  • Temperature more or less variable with know-how, depending on the location of the flame during heating;
  • Adaptable directly to any water filter equipped with a 10 mm or 14 mm gasket.

Instructions for use:

First of all, we advise you to practice with a vaporizer empty of any substance

  1. Remove the small metal cap (the cap) from the2022 VonG (i) Titanium ;
  2. Fill the titanium bowl (tip) with the2022 VonG Titanium(not the cap) with dry crumbled plants or resin;
  3. Close the2022 VonG (i)Titanium ;
  4. Heat the2022 VonG (i)TitaniumOn the side of the heading, while turning, until you hear a click.
    ⚠️CAUTION: DO NOT HEAT from the end, only from the sides of the cape !
  1. After the click, turn off the heater and inhale;
  2. If you continue to heat after 1er click, a second click will be heard indicating that it is absolutely necessary to stop the heating because otherwise the combustion will take place and this overheating tends to damage the heading;
  3. Before restarting a heating cycle, wait for a 3ème click (or 30 seconds if you didn't hear anything) to let it cool. You can then repeat the operation and start heating until your bowl is completely vaporized;
  4. To fill and empty the bowl of your2022 VonG (i) TitaniumA simple inspiration and then a simple blow of breath are enough.

⚠️To avoid burns, remember to let your2022 VonG (i) TitaniumBefore you put your fingers on it.

Video and instructions for the VapCap M Dynavap :

For more flavors :

Take advantage of our offer "VapCap M likes", to discover the purity of flavors with a glass body for 9 € extra.

To take advantage of this offer, select the desired tube under the "Buy" button.

For a real lighter :

A good storm lighter / torch will allow you to heat up your Dynavap vaporizer faster.

Find all our lighters / torches storm flame for portable vaporizers here

To do without a lighter at home, you can equip yourself with thev2 induction heating Orion available here.

For storage :

Sold without transport tube, you can find them here, the Dynavap storage tubeAllows you to store your VapCap after use.

To store it with grass next to it there is theDynastashAnd theDynaquad stash.

For the presentation :

A cheap stand for portable vaporizerSuch as this one from Orion will allow you to place one to two VapCap Dynavap vertically.

Perfect for keeping your The 2022 VonG (i) Titanium vaporizer from rolling under the table.

☎️For any question before or after purchasing a VonG (i) Titanium our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal on our steam hotline at 0183646926 of 117:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.mmonday to Friday, and from 127:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.mhrs on SaturdayYou can also order directly over the phone if you wish.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our vaporizer store is now 200 meters from the Voltaire metro station on line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

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