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VapMan Pure Set


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The VapMan Pure Set* is a mechanical portable vaporizer of Swiss design and handmade in Italy.

In fact, like some others, it does not work with an electrically or electronically generated and managed heating, but with a flame, it is a mechanical vaporizer.

* Formerly called VapMan Basic

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Vapman Pure Set, portable vaporizer with high-end lighter.

Designed in Switzerland and handcrafted in Italy with wood from the country itself, this is a high quality portable mechanical vaporizer.

For its transport, it comes with a hemp pouch and a recycled hemp plastic shell.

VapMan is also in an eco-responsible approach, for each order, a tree is planted in a deforested area.

Its heating element is in 24k gold-plated copper. It is a perfectly molded, ultimate conduction, evenly heated and fast.

Wood is the only material that fits perfectly into these specifications:

  • absorbs heat
  • sustainable
  • safe for health

Its design and smoothness make it easy to handle and grip. Wood is the ideal wood for the VapMan according to its inventor René Balli, and moreover, it originates from Italy.

On the Pure Set version of VapMan the wood is covered with a layer of coal at the heating element which can protect your wood from burning.

Under the mouthpiece, at the level of the central piece, through the wood, 3 optimally positioned holes allow the air supply to be adjusted. For denser clouds, you can plug one or more holes with your fingers when you breathe in.

The grid of the central piece can be removed for a thorough cleaning of your vaporizer VapMan Pure Set.

The mouthpiece is made of :

  • P.O.M. plastic (polyoxymethylene or polyformaldehyde or polyacetal)It has similar characteristics to glass, with the advantage of not breaking. It can withstand high temperatures and is easy to clean, so plastic sceptics are reassured.
  • stainless steel, with its polished surface, offers a more premium finishand promises the ultimate in hygiene and cleaning.

All components, including those not listed here, are manufactured specifically for the VapMandeveloped and tested over the years VapMan does not compromise on materials, thus guaranteeing a high quality maximum safety, reliability and functionality.

Order a VapMan Pure Set is to receive :

  • 1 x VapMan Pure Set portable wooden vaporizer
  • 1 x cover for the VapMan
  • 1 x funnel
  • 1 x hemp pouch
  • 1 x Lighter VapMan
  • 1 x hemp protection box
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x brush

+ 2 gifts offered by LaCentraleVapeur

  • 1 mix of 10 grams of plants offered (Damiana or other)
  • 1 carrying case offered by LCV

Two variations of the VapMan are available :

  • the version VapMan Classicwhich has a protective layer of Mica on the heating element (mineral laminate) which protects your wood, while allowing a more uniform heating.
  • here the version VapMan Pure Set offers the same features, without the protective Mica layer. Over time, a thin layer of charcoal covers your wood and protects it from burning.

Use of the VapMan Pure Set

  1. Open the hull in recycled hemp by pressing lightly on the center of the line
  2. Separate the center piece from the base by rotating clockwise
  3. After you have finely shredded your herbs, place your herbs in the dish (you can use the funnel to avoid getting it everywhere) preferably use small amounts of grass (make sure you don't put too much downthe lack of airflow could prevent the VapMan to function)
  4. Make sure that the golden edges of the heating chamber are free of any plant material. Use the metal tool to push your plants towards the center of the cup
  5. Install and lock the central part by rotating it under the springs
  6. The VapMan works perfectly with a 1,5cm long flame. This is the diameter of the grid in the middle part (which you can use to gauge your flame). With this length, the temperature will be reached after 3 seconds. (After several uses, you will be used to your own technique and you will not need to adjust this size.
  7. Place the tip of your storm flame just at the level of the tip formed by the golden cup (heating chamber). It is advisable to heat for a slightly shorter period of time in order to avoid any risk of combustion.
  9. Once heated, take a deep inhalation and repeat as many times as possible.

    On the central piece, you can plug up the air holes, the more you plug upthe denser the steam will be.

    You will take your vaporizer bottle VapMan Pure Set in hand after several uses.

    After several uses, you will know the characteristics and reactions of your portable vaporizer VapMan Pure Set, depending on your preferences. If the steam seems hot or hard in the throat, you have probably heated too long, and if the steam has no taste, you can heat a little more...

  10. After inhalation, when you have no taste or steam left to spit out into the Atmosphere, you can check the condition of your herbs. When they turn brown and smell like popcorn, you can remove it from the chamber.
  11. After each session it is advisable to clean your grill on the central part This quick cleaning will be easier when the grid is still warm. This is the easiest way to get rid of the residue.
  12. Once assembled again, you can put the VapMan in its hemp shell. The shell is closed by pressing the two parts together.

Cleaning the VapMan Pure Set

The VapMan BPure Set is an easy to maintain vaporizer, and will last a very long time if you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  1. The mouthpiece can be cleaned at any time in boiling water or a solvent such as alcoholVous pouvez nettoyer l'embout buccal dans quasiment n'importe quelle solution nettoyante
  2. Use a cleaning brush to clean the gold-plated heating chamberle pinceau pour nettoyer la chambre de chauffe
  3. If you use the VapMan with concentrates, use the pointed side of the brush to remove residues of concentrate (works best when warm)
  4. The small concentrate sieve can be cleaned by heating it

Advanced cleaning

In most cases you will not have to do the advanced cleaning. It will depend on the herbs you use and how you use the VapMan. When you feel plant particles in your mouth, it's probably time to clean up...

For perfect operation, no holes should be blocked.

You can remove the residue with a needle.

  1. Unscrew the two screws on the central part to remove the grille
  2. Clean the grid in boiling water or a solvent (e.g. alcohol)
  3. You can use the handle and the pointed side of the brush to remove the residue at the bottom of the centerpiece.