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How to use the Kalys

- Prepare your drums and mod before anything else. For a more efficient and consistent result, use the box in TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance). Most mods made as of 2016 offer this option.

- The settings may vary from unit to unit. In TCR mode, set the value to 300 and use the 33W box to get 370°F. This atomizer will also work in TCR Ni mode. You can then use the box with the same settings, 33W will give 370°F, with more or less 20°F

The Kalys will also work in Wattage mode, pulsing the ignition around 30 Watts.

- Steam production will be easier by crumbling the herbs more finely. You will notice different results and steam production depending on how you pack. After a few seconds of heating up, start sucking through the mouthpiece, hold the button down. You will notice a higher vapor production from the 3rd or 4th puff.

- Continue to vaporize until satisfied without burning. The goal is to release the beneficial components of the herb while remaining in temperatures below combustion so as not to release any carcinogens. Gently remove the plant from the chamber, preparing it for the next use.

Recommended settings for plants:

  • Fashion TCR 300
  • Watts 33W
  • Temperature: 370°F / 188°C

User-recommended settings :

  • Fashion TCR 250
  • Watts 33W
  • Temperature: 390°F to 420°F / 198°C to 210°C

Use with plants or herbs :

  • crumble quite finely
  • fill the chamber completely, without packing it
  • once the chamber is filled, push the supplied screwdriver into the center of the chamber
  • close the chamber with the mouthpiece
  • spray!

If your herbs don't seem to be fully vaporized, you can put them back in the chamber and try again with 10 degrees more, until there is no more visual vapor.

Use with resins :

  • Use only compatible resin cartridges
  • Use hemp fibre
  • With the same settings, use higher temperatures up to 220°C

Rebuilding the Kalys atomizer :

  • remove the 3 screws from the base of the atomizer
  • remove the ceramic shell from the top of the base
  • remove the 2 screws from the metal base
  • remove the cup from the top
  • replace the cup
  • follow the procedure in reverse for reassembly

Find the accessories for the Kalys :

  • Refurbish your Kalys with a new replacement box

Replacement housing in ceramic for the Kalys

  • Replace the heating chamber of your Kalys

Replacement heating cup in ceramic

  • 14mm adapter for water filter

14mm adapter for the Kalys for 14mm female joint

  • A water filter for your Kalys, a 14mm hydrant

Hydratube for the Kalys equipped with a 14mm female joint

Technical specifications:

  • Height: 68mm (pine 510 included)
  • Width: 21.7mm
  • Diameter of the inside of the mouthpiece: 19mm
  • Diameter of the heating chamber: 8,8mm
  • Height of the heating chamber: 14,8mm


In case of a technical problem with our vaporizer, or if you need to make use of the legal guarantee, or if you have any questions about the functioning of the device, please contact us at or by mail Katalyzer74 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris.