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American manufacturer of portable vaporizers, salon vaporizers, and vaporizer accessories as well as water filters.

The manufacturer of vaporizers 7th Floor

La Centrale Vapeur - 1st Official Reseller 7th Floor France !

La Centrale Vapeur is starting at full speed and offers you these superb vaporizers built by 7th Floor in the USA.

To celebrate its launch, La Centrale Vapeur is happy to offer you 15% discount on all the vaporizers of the brand 7th Floor.

Learn more about 7th Floor:

7th Floor has been around for over 7 years, it is an American company that has proven itself in the vaping business with quality products.

All their vapors are serious competitors of the Volcano and offer a very different experience of it.

The advantages 7th Floor:

- The aromas of your plants remain intact because the glass as well as the alumina ceramic are totally inert.

- A carefully calculated air/vapor ratio that allows for dense or light inhalations.

- Totally silent vaporizers.

- Vapor on demand, inhale as hard as you like.

- Hand-blown Pyrex glass elements.

- Many accessories and customization options for your vaporizer.

- Vaporizers that are very easy and quick to use.

- Very easy to clean vaporizers.

- Vaporizers that are easy to transport because they come with a carrying bag.

- A 3 year warranty on the vaporizer itself and 30 days on the glass parts

- An after-sales service in France.

- Multi-use vaporizers since the Da Buddha Vaporizer and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer can vaporize your herbs at the same time as they can diffuse your essential oils in your room (essential oil diffuser in option).

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Showing 1 - 48 of 93 items