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  • Dab Mat Grateful Dead

    This Dab Mat screen-printed in the colors of the Grateful Dead album "Steal Your Face" (1976) helps prevent the mess associated with vaporizing concentrates, while stabilizing your dab rig / vaporizer by positioning them on it. It can also cushion the fall of glass parts such as bangers or carb caps. Finally, it can also be used as a soft mouse mat or...

    18,33 €
  • King Kut electric grinder

    For once, we present an electric grinder designed by Pulsar Vaporizers. With its sharp stainless-steel blades and glass bowl that can be transformed into a jar with the included lid, this grinder delivers a perfect grind: you see your plants being ground through the glass in real time, so you can stop the mechanism as soon as the desired consistency is...

    46,33 € 57,92 € -20%
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  • 29,18 € 32,42 € -10% Product available with different options
    Pulsar SK8 Weed Grinder

    Original, practical and formidably effective, the Pulsar SK8 Weed Grinder is largely inspired by the rubberized wheels of skateboards for impeccable grip, and even goes so far as to include a genuine ball-bearing system. A must-have for skateboard fans, and others!

    29,18 € 32,42 € -10%
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items