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GRAV is an American company based in Austin, Texas, founded in 2004 and specializing in high quality glassware

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  • 12mm Concentrate Taster GRAV

    This taster is probably one of the simplest, most compact and effective forms of consuming your concentrates on the fly. Super handy for places where you can't take a more traditional rig with you. ⚠️ Random colors subject to availability.

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  • 3" Upline Taster GRAV

    Premium quality taster made by the Americans of GRAV. No compromise on the glass quality here, we are dealing with a robust taster and an ergonomic mouthpiece, which can be used for vaping like a Katalyste or as a mouthpiece for Tinymight 1 & 2.

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    Bubbler GRAV

    Globe bubbler blown by GRAV in the USA. GRAV is a premium glassware brand, offering excellent water filtration in sturdy and elegant borosilicate glass.

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    Bubbler GRAV Upline Upright

    This water filter is made in the USA of superb quality borosilicate glass by GRAVspecialists in premium glassware. It is 22.8 cm high, has a 75 mm tube and a 14 mm sleeve with a glass grid to limit the passage of ash into the bubbler chamber.

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  • Bubbler Helix

    This bubbler has very thick, solid walls, as well as a vortex system with small lateral air inlets in the upper part for improved vapor cooling.

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    GRAV Small Upline Water Pipe

    Approximately 30 cm high, this GRAV bubbler has a female joint ♀ Ø 14 mm and its vertical downstem catch unwanted particles in the base of the water filter. Thanks to its multiple ladder percolation the vapor of your plants will be incredibly smooth. Its upper chamber and refined mouthpiece act as a splash-protection.

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  • Mini Round Base Water Pipe GRAV

    This water filter is resolutely premium quality, with its thick, particularly robust rims. Small in size, it limits the loss of active ingredients and terpenes, and is also very practical to clean, transport and store. To make matters worse, it features a 10 mm Ø female ♀ joint, making it natively compatible with Dynavap M 2021, The B and BB3 / BB6 / BB9.

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  • OctoTaster GRAV / embout pour TinyMight

    A taster made entirely of glass (including the grill) by the Americans from GRAV Labs. The tasters / one hitters allow you to vaporize and taste your plants with a storm lighter or a torch. This clever accessory can also be adapted to the Tinymight and Tinymight 2 vaporizers and thus serve as a mouthpiece.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items