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Vapylon is our French brand of small portable vaporizer.

For the moment all Vapylon vaporizers work with a storm lighter.

Very soon an induction heater will be available.

Vapylon is our French brand of vaporizer, the first models work with a lighter storm.

Inspired by the technique of heating by conduction with a lighter, the Vapylonvaporizers allow you to find the same gesture as when you smoked while enjoying the benefits of vaporization.

The Vapylon vaporizers vaporize both plants and resins.
All necessary accessories are usually included in the purchase of a vaporizer Vapylon.

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  • Silencio

    Similar to the VapCap M in its operation, the Silencio is a mechanical portable vaporizer: a manual heat source, preferably a storm lighter, is used to raise the temperature in the filling chamber. However, any heat source can be used if necessary!

    58,25 €
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