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Cibdoll is a Swiss brand that offers various products including high quality and 100% natural cbd oils made with high quality European hemp.

Each product is tested and analyzed before being put on the market. CIBDOL products are made in Switzerland.

We offer here all the product ranges Cibdoll, from edible oil to CBD through pills for cats or dogs, you will also find products for eczema or acne for example.

The price of CBD being high and CBD being considered as a food supplement for the well-being, we advise you to start with small doses (one drop for example) and to increase it very gradually (every 7 days for example) to see if the increase has a real effect.

Also, it may take several days after the first dose before the endocannabinoid system begins to regulate itself.

To date, no definite dose can be advised due to lack of knowledge, however studies recommend a MAXIMUM of 12mg/kg/day.
This is the maximum, not the recommended dose.

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