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Alfaliquid e-liquid is 100% French. It is manufactured in our factory located in the east of France. LaCentraleVapeur distributes Alfaliquid e-liquid to tobacconists and shops specializing in electronic cigarettes. We use only certified food grade flavors and a choice of vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). We guarantee that the e-liquid Alfaliquid distributed by EuVapors contains no diacetyl, no paraben, no ambrox. All our bottles are equipped with a childproof cap.

E Liquid Alfaliquid

Alfaliquid is a brand of e liquid for electronic cigarette that was born in France in 2011. This brand started with two entrepreneurs, the father and son who saw the rise of the electronic cigarette.

Alfaliquid e liquids are designed for those who want a French quality e liquid without compromising on price and taste.

By its price Alfaliquid is often considered an entry-level brand, but it is preferred to many e liquids from China or Asia.

Among the e liquids of the brand Alfaliquid, we find 6 major families:

E liquid Alfaliquid Urban Fusion :

an initiatory journey through the world and its great cities. Each e liquid of the Alfaliquid Urban Fusion range corresponds to a city and retranscribes its flavours: Cola-lemon for Atlanta, Honey-Hazelnut for Moscow, Frangipane for Orleans...

E liquid Alfaliquid Tabac :

to be separated between the e liquids taste blond tobacco and the e liquids taste brown tobacco. Tobacco flavors nuanced and subtle, ranging from light tobacco to the harshest brown tobacco. Among the eliquids taste tobacco we find the Tobacco British, Tobacco FR5, Tobacco Mint, Tobacco Latakia etc.

E liquid Alfaliquid Gourmand :

this is a range of flavors that can make you forget the traditional tobacco taste of Alfaliquid for your electronic cigarette. We find in this range flavors such as coffee, hazelnut, vanilla chocolate, red bull (Energy Drink). Tastes that change the ordinary for all those who want an original e liquid to vapoter!

E liquid Alfaliquid Fruité :

fruity flavors to find the delights of your summer throughout the year, at the end of your electronic cigarette. Mint, peach, mango, strawberry, cherry, orange... All tastes are in nature, and all fruity tastes are at Alfaliquid.

E liquid Alfaliquid Bonbon :

the flavor of candy, without the sugar that sticks to the teeth. Discover the Alfaliquid Bonbon range of e liquids and rediscover the flavours that gave pleasure to your childhood: cola candy, strawberry candy, violet candy etc. The range of e liquid Alfaliquid candy is to discover as soon as possible!

E liquid Alfaliquid Natural :

e liquids with natural flavours, impossible? Alfaliquid has done it with its range of e liquids with flavors from nature. Discover quickly the range of Alfaliquid e liquid with natural flavours.

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