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PAX 3 Ocean - Collector's Edition


165,83 € tax incl.

New product

The PAX 3 Ocean collector 2022 full pack has many benefits including:

  • 4 pre-settable temperatures via Bluetooth;
  • Battery of vaporizer PAX 3 of 105 min ;
  • Light weight of 90 g !
  • 10 years warranty !
  • Compatible with dry plants, resin and concentrates.

⚠️ Our stocks are limited, take advantage of them while they last!

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PAX 3 Vaporizer - A vaporizer, small and powerful very discreet by its size and design.

The PAX 3 Ocean collector 2022 has many improvements following the success of the previous vaporizers and the feedback from their users.

Buying a PAX 3 Ocean Complete Kit means receiving :

  • 1 x vaporizer portable Pax 3 limited edition "Ocean";
  • 1 x cleaning kit (maintenance kit);
  • 1 x USB cable with PAX 3 magnetic charging cradle;
  • 1 x mixing tool / dabber ;
  • 2 x mouthpieces ;
  • 2 x vaporization chambers ;
  • 1 x small bowl for dry plants (the original one cannot be removed) and a bowl for concentrates AND resin;
  • 2 x filling compartment lids ;
  • 3 x replacement filter screens / screen ;
  • 1 x user manual ;
  • 1 x 10 year warranty ;

+ La Centrale Vapeur Welcome Kit:

  • 1 x 10 grams of one of our herbal mixes offered ;
  • 1 x free transport pouch with the size of the PAX.

Recommended accessories :

If you want to enjoy your PAX 3 even more and get a bigger vapor production: The non vented oven lid of NewVape for PAX 2 and 3 is very highly recommended and really amplifies the rate of vapor production thanks to its 3D grid which allows a more homogeneous vaporization therefore more efficient.

Discover here all the accessories for vaporizer PAX 3:

And here the accessories including Budkups cartridges for PAX.

These cartridges allow you to avoid dirtying - and therefore cleaning - your bowl.
They also add conduction and therefore allow you to get bigger laths.

Special offer when you buy your vaporizer, get 9 € discount on the purchase of one of our bubblers or bangs bearing the words "Bubble Vape"
For this you simply enter the following code before paying BUBBLEVAPE

Buying a bubbler for your vaporizer allows you to humidify and cool your vapor which is very nice for temperatures above 200 °C as well as for throats sensitive to dry vapor, even cold.

On the picture, the PAX 3 is mounted on the bubbler with a glass gong joint / 14mm bang adapter for pax, available here:

If you want to make big slats:

We advise you to equip yourself with a Vented Oven Lid 2.0 of the brand NewVape.
This accessory allows more air to enter and adds conduction which greatly improves the extraction capacity of the vaporizer PAX.

Technical characteristics :

  • The PAX 3 vaporizes plants, resin and concentrates, thanks to its various removable bowls;
  • 4 adjustable temperatures from 182 to 215 via Bluetooth and Android app/Apple;
  • Over 60 adjustable temperature modes;
  • Rises to temperature in 15 seconds;
  • Vibrates when temperature is reached;
  • The vaporizer PAX 3 has a smart heating system, it heats up a little more when you bring it to your lips, and cools down a little as soon as the contact stops. This allows you to enjoy a longer vape time because your plants percolate less between inhalations
  • A color code on the 4 X-shaped LEDs allows you to communicate in real time with your vapo and Android cell phone application;
  • Sleep mode after 3 minutes without being used (adjustable by the application);
  • Dimensions of PAX 3: 9.8 x 3 x 2.2 cm;
  • Weight: 90 grams;
  • PAX 3 bowl size: 18.5 x 8.6 x 10 mm;
  • Battery life of the vaporizer PAX 3 : 105 min ;
  • Charging time: about 3 hours;
  • Charging by simple magnetic contact on the supplied charging stand;
  • The Bluetooth application of the vaporizer PAX 3 allows to adjust the temperatures as well as the power of lighting of the LEDS and to switch them off what allows to use the PAX 3 in a very discrete way;
  • An improved heating power compared to vaporizer PAX 2. Result, a stronger extraction capacity and larger inhalations possible;
  • The vaporizer portable PAX 3 is made of medical grade materials and is guaranteed for ten years.

When you purchase your PAX 3 you will receive a more detailed manual however here is an overview of how easy it is to operate this portable vaporizer.

Operation :

Buy a vaporizer PAX 3 is to choose a vapo that works very intuitively:

  • A simple pressure on the mouthpiece turns on the vaporizer PAX 3;
  • A double pressure allows you to switch from one temperature to another, and the LEDs in X change color depending on the temperature selected
  • A long press starts the heating. The X LEDs flash slowly indicating that the vaporizer is heating up;
  • When the vaporizer reaches the selected temperature the PAX 3 vibrates and the LEDs are fixed.

The Bluetooth application allows you to change the preset temperatures and change the intensity of the LEDs until they are completely off

These are not the only mods available via the app, and we leave it to your surprise and pleasure to discover the other options offered by the PAX3 and its Bluetooth app.

N. B. The vaporizer PAX 3 can be charged via USB but is NOT used while charging.

Video of the test of the vaporizer PAX 3:

N.B. Just like with the Crafty portable vaporizers from Storz & Bickel and Firefly 2+ we cannot guarantee that the Bluetooth app works with all phones.

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